About Bunn Brantley Enterprises

Bunn-Brantley Enterprises has been literally building businesses for over 40+ years. 

Bunn-Brantley Enterprises has been performing in accordance with our Core Values in the Construction Industry since 1974. The broad spectrum of specialized projects ranging from Convenience Stores, Car Washes, Truck Stops, Quick Serve Restaurants (QSR’s), Full-Service Restaurants, Strip Shopping Facilities and Commercial Offices has provided invaluable experience allowing our Team to evolve as a Leader in today’s construction market. Utilizing the design/build concept, our staff is comprised of highly qualified construction experts and vendor partners.  This team approach combined with our longstanding subcontractor relationships allows for efficient collaboration, providing the level of oversight necessary for precision execution for each project we deliver on. By optimizing the coordination of this network of qualified specialists for expert project flow, open communication with clients, and an experienced staff, Bunn-Brantley Enterprises remains grounded in our F.O.C.U.S.E.D. approach in performing above the standard for the Construction Industry.

Core Values

Bunn-Brantley Enterprises applies a F.O.C.U.S.E.D. approach to delivering Integrity Driven Excellence in the Construction Industry:

Our Mission

To be a light in the construction industry, bringing transparency to the construction process in order to steward the resources we have been entrusted with in a manner that reflects the higher purpose we have been entrusted with for our business.

Our Vision

To deliver the highest level of quality, value and experience to every client we partner with.

Our History

Bunn-Brantley Enterprises was co-founded by Benjamin Bunn, William Brantley, and Bob Brantley in the growing town of Rocky Mount, NC in 1974.  With backgrounds in real estate development and years of traditional construction experience, Bunn-Brantley Enterprises assumed the role of General Contractor in the construction industry in the early 1970’s for the residential market.  With an unconventional approach, focusing on high quality workmanship and attention to detail while still being mindful of budgetary constraints, Bunn-Brantley Enterprises quickly began to create a reputation for itself as a valuable resource for efficient building solutions.  Within a few years, Bunn-Brantley Enterprises’ clients desired the same approach used for their home building projects for proposed commercial multi-unit projects, and with that the evolution of Bunn-Brantley Enterprises began.

As the transition from Full-Service Gas Stations to Self-Serve began to make its way across the country, and as the same clients Bunn-Brantley served for residential and commercial investments saw the opportunity to integrate Convenience Stores into the Fuel Industry, Bunn-Brantley was approached with designing and constructing the first Convenience Store with Multi-Position Self-Serve Fuel in the area in 1978.  Completing the project in a record breaking 90 days, the Bunn-Brantley Team solidified themselves as a leader in this arena of the construction industry.  From that time on, Bunn-Brantley’s team remained instrumental in the design and evolution of what the world knows today as the “Gas Station”.  As new national chains and local territory “oil jobber” investors came into the market, Bunn-Brantley remained the front runner for design and construction in the fueling and convenience store industry.  Working and evolving with area industry leaders such as Zip Mart, Amoco Oil Company, EJ Pope, Sampson Bladen Oil Company, and so many more, Bunn-Brantley Enterprises continues to build on the same efficiency, detail, and high-quality standards that are the cornerstone to the team’s continued success.

The Bunn-Brantley commitment to excellence has been foundational since its inception in 1974 and throughout the 850+ successful projects to date.  As our team has and will continue to grow and expand our capacity to cater to the specific needs of our clients, that commitment remains at the core of how we conduct ourselves to serve our clients.  It is our pleasure to be able to honor the commitment that set Bunn-Brantley apart those years ago and to continue to prove that our approach to successful project management is engrained in every level of our organization, all for the purpose of continuing to deliver for our clients the absolute best experience available for Commercial Construction.

Service Area

Market Region:
Located in North Carolina, as well as Licensed in Virginia and South Carolina, Bunn-Brantley Enterprises is versatile in that our scalability allows us to reach a far greater area than our home state alone.  By investing in NASCLA General Contracting License Certification above standard regional licensing, our firm is eligible to file and perform in 14 additional states, encompassing nearly the entire South-eastern United States, allowing our team to be prepared to apply our same principles of construction wherever your next project may take you.  We have cultivated long-standing relationships with only the most qualified subcontractors in each region we serve. That crucial detail coupled with our policy of having a trained and qualified company superintendent on each of our project sites every day results in the consistent high quality that our clients expect with every project,  regardless of location.

Bunn Brantley means quality!

Bunn-Brantley Enterprises consistently delivers quality construction and on-time delivery. In large part, our company’s success has been built on the caliber of our employees and the team approach we utilize in tackling every project. Our team allows us to combine the best talents and skills of our leadership, administrative staff, on-site supervisors in conjunction with our subcontractor partners to give your project the focused attention it deserves. With clear communication and unrelenting attention to detail, Bunn-Brantley consistently monitors all phases of the building process, providing our clients with a level of stewardship for their resources unmatched in the industry. Decades of successful project delivery and consistently satisfied customers are the cornerstone of Bunn-Brantley’s success.

Meet the team!

Cory Taylor


Bob Brantley

Founder/Concept Design

Summer Taylor

Administrative/Human Resources

Tamara Bass


Holly Short

Preconstruction/Client Relations

Joey Canady

General Superintendent

David Brantley

Senior Superintendent

William Warbritton

Senior Superintendent

Ashley Newcomb

Senior Superintendent

Sam Overton

Junior Superintendent

Ben Tucker

Junior Superintendent

Robbie Bass

Junior Superintendent

Josh Turnage

Junior Superintendent

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389 Instrument Drive,
Rocky Mount, NC 27804
Phone: (252) 977-9111
Fax: (252) 977-4605

North Carolina Licensing Board of General Contractors license: #14287 

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